The 5 Second Rule – Mel Robbins

The 5 Second Rule

In this book, The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins explains to us how the brain works, how it controls the whole body, why we can’t act as we want, and the most important thing the power of courage.
5-second rule a book written by Mel Robbins explains how it changes her life, how she uses this rule to overcome any challenges, let you know all information from this article.
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The 5 Second Rule – Mel Robbins

5second rule can be used in any situation.
It helps to make a decision, to overcome laziness, to move forward in life, to build a habit…
There is a barrier that exists between taking any action and the brain. The brain always thinks against you. this barrier can be prevented by applying this rule I.e.5second rule. this exists for everyone.
If you have any judgment but you do not apply to your goal then you do not change.
How to use the 5second rule?
It is simple to use. if you have any instant action want to act on your goals, it is necessary to make a physical move within 5 seconds otherwise your brain kills it.
If you have any hesitation to take a step forward start counting in the reverse way 5-4-3-2-1 in this way and take action as you reach 1. If you do not take action within 5 seconds, it means you not doing it.
This rule helps you to take commitment, it distracts you from worries and excuses in your mind.
If you have any judgment but you do not apply to your goal then you do not change.
But if you do this simple rule, you can prevent your mind from thinking against you.
At first, it is difficult but practicing every day develops the habit of this rule. When you start applying this rule in your life you will come to know the changes in your life.
How this rule work( scientific evidence) 
While researching how this rule works. There is evidence that during counting from 5 to 1 there is certain action takes place in the prefrontal cortex which is a part of the brain, located in front of the brain. This part is involved in things like decision making, planning, working towards a goal…
The main problem is,  this part prevents to increase in decision-making ability. You are not able to take action towards your goal because you don’t have any control over your prefrontal cortex.
Your brain always wants to save you, to be relaxed, it does not want to take any action which you not have done fears to build any changes in the body because change needs struggle so the brain doesn’t want to give any struggle to own( your body).
For eg:- 
At starting the first time, you do exercise with enthusiasm, on the second day the graph of enthusiasm comes to low means you skip 1or2 exercise daily and at the end, you don’t want to do it because exercise causes pain in the body which the brain doesn’t want to accept. So, when you think about exercise your brain will show you the images of pain and it will think against you. so that’s the reason why for all the people it became difficult to achieve the goal.
At first, you apply this rule on simple things like you want to write some notes but you feel lazy, start counting in a Reverse manner i.e 5-4-3-2-1 and take action within 5 seconds and bring changes in your life.
Why only 5 seconds rule? why there is not any 10 or 17 seconds rule?
 The longer you pause between your action and your physical move the harder is to force yourself to push, as soon as you take action, you decrease the brain working against you and you increase your decision-making ability.
It is not necessary to countdown till 5 if you can push yourself within 3 seconds then do it or take action within 2 seconds it is much better.
And when start your countdown, you are setting yourself to take an action.
I hoped that learning all this information helped you WHY AND HOW the 5-second rule works.

If you have the courage to START, you have the courage to SUCCEED. – Mel Robbins

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