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Emotional Intelligence Summary

     Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman, why Emotional Intelligence can matter more than IQ as per the Daniel Goldman. Emotional Intelligence book was named as one of the 25 most influential business management books by time magazine.

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Emotional Intelligence

     With 5 million copies in print worldwide and translated into 40 languages in this book Daniel Goldman expands the model of what it means to be intelligent and puts Emotions at the centre of aptitudes for living.

He brings up the ground-breaking idea that emotional intelligence rather than IQ plays a greater role in shaping our success in life.

IQ is rather genetic given that cannot be changed by life experience.

Where Emotional Intelligence can be taught to children?

Giving them a better chance to use whatever intellectual potential the genetic lottery may have given them.

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We have come up with the five domains of emotional intelligence.

1)      Self-awareness recognizing a feeling as it happens is crucial to self-understanding and is the first step towards handling that feeling if we are not able to notice our true feelings.

We’re left at their mercy.

2)      Managing emotions is the capacity to soothe oneself and shake off negative moods.

Here we can work on shortening the time it takes to move from a negative state to a positive one.

People who excel in this ability can bounce back far more quickly from life’s setbacks.

3)      For Motivating one-self emotional self-control in the form of delayed gratification.

Underlies accomplishment of every sort and the productivity and creativity needed to reach a worthy goal.

Directly depend on our ability to get into the flow state.   

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This is a state of intense concentration devoid emotions save for a compelling highly motivating feeling of mild ecstasy.

4)      Empathy the ability to read other people’s feelings increases when we’re more open with our own emotions the greater our capacity for empathy the more successful.

We are in a vast array of life arenas from sales and management to romance and parenting.

5)      Handling relationships this domain builds on the other 4 and is called interpersonal intelligence and it means managing emotions in others.

Having the ability to shape an encounter to mobilize and inspire others to thrive and intimate relationships.

To persuade and influence to put others at peace

Having those five components of emotional intelligence in mind we’re able to find many applications in our daily life we are slaves of passions.

The design of our brain means that we very often have little or no control over.

When we’re swept neither by emotion nor over what emotion it will be.

But we can have some say and how long an emotion will last and this is what we need to concentrate on keeping our distressing emotions in check.

Here’s an example of all the moods that people want to escape danger is the one they’re worse to controlling.

The longer we ruminate about what’s made us angry the more good reasons and self-justifications for being angry.

 We can invent but reframe the situation more positively seeing it through a different angle is one of the most potent ways to put anger to rest.

Contrary to the popular theory ventilating anger is one of the worst ways to cool down outbursts of rage typically pump up the emotional brain’s arousal leaving people feeling angrier, not less.

Its abetting teacher’s advice on how to handle anger don’t suppress it, but don’t act on it.

The author advises that we take action at the first signs of distressing emotions.

Avoid staying too long in low states for we risk developing chronic conditions that are more difficult to overcome.

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 Two strategies are particularly effective in changing thought patterns one is to questions the validity of the thoughts at the centre of rumination and think of more positive alternatives.

The other is to purposely schedule pleasant distracting events among the most effective mood lifters are the aerobic exercises.

Singing and throwing oneself into volunteer work helping others lifts our preoccupations.

The formula for expressing dissatisfaction or giving criticism the XYZ method

The XYZ method when you did X it made you feel why and led rather you did Z instead.

When you say exactly what the problem is what’s wrong with it or how it makes you feel and finish with?

What should be changed in the future in a personal relationship that may sound like?

When you didn’t call me to tell me you were going to be late for our dinner appointment.

I felt unappreciated angry, I wish you’d call to let me know you’ll be late and artful critique from a manager to subordinate may sound like.

The main difficulty with your plan is that it will take too and so escalate costs I’d like you to think of ways to do the same job more quickly.

The goal is to avoid attacking the person and address the specific behaviour or issue that troubles you a character attack for example.

Calling the person incompetent misses the point it will immediately put them in the defensive and he’s no longer.

Receptive to your suggestions on how to do better the book emotional intelligence by Daniel Goldman is a through writing on the importance of recognizing.

Understanding and managing our emotions and to some degree influencing of others, the book fossil examines the cost of being emotionally illiterate in our modern world.

Where more and more areas of life depend on the quality of our interpersonal relationships?

"To Be Emotionally Intelligent means to Understand the Powerful Emotions of your and of  others to Handle it Properly."

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