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     The Effective Manager Book Summary helps you to become an Effective Leader/Manager for your Business. What are the skills that every Manager should need are explained in this blog by the author Mark Horstman.

So let start the summary,

     Many years ago, a man was searching for an effective manager for his company so that he can work with him and become an effective manager like him in the future so he decided that he will.

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Effective Manager

     Travel all over the world and will meet the manager of every big and a small company in order to know the quality of an effective manager.

     Whenever he met the manager of any company he asked them only one question, What kind of manager would you say you are?

He always used to get 2 types of an answer to this question:


Who only think about result and profit of the company?



Who first thing about the company employees and always help them in their work.


    That man found this both answer as partially effective he didn’t found that quality in any manager which he was looking for one day he came to know about a special manager.

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     He was surprised to know that everyone was happy to work under that special manager so he decided that he will meet that special manager.


And immediately fixed an appointment with him when he met the special for the first time he asked him the same question.




     That special manager replied “I AM A ONE MINUTE MANAGER” that man asked why one-minute manager?


     The special manager said that he needs very less time to achieve a big result from his people that man gave him a shocking reaction and asked.

But how it is possible?

     The special manager told him to meet his 3 employees who will tell him the 3 secrets to become a special manager.


     Firstly, he met Mr. Travel who was a middle aged person, Mr. Travel told him that one minute manager set a one-minute goal of every new task and project along with him any time in a company, employees goals and organization goals are different.


     Due to which they don’t get expected result and output thought one-minute goal, Mr. Travel has explained that in a group the task, the goal of the group leader and group member should be clear and uniform.

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     And everyone should agree on those goals should be assigned to the person according to their behaviour every goal should be written on a single sheet of paper which should be less than 250 words.


     So that it can be read again and again within 1 minute and lastly, take out some time from your busy schedule analyze your behaviour and performance.


     Whether they are matching your goals or not after that Mr travel told him to meet Mr. Levy after meeting Mr. Travel, that man went to meet Mr. Levy who was going to tell him second of one minute manager.


     Mr. Levy said that one-minute manager keep an eye on whatever right work he does and every time he does one-minute praise for doing the right thing.


     Whenever we praise someone for their good job their self-confidence get boosted.

     Example whenever a child is small, he initially called water as ‘’MUM’’ at that time kiss him, praise him so that slowly he can start calling it as water similarly instead of taking out the mistake of our new employees.


     If we praise them daily for 1 minute for their good work than they will become more productive and sincere for their job through 1 minute praising, Mr. Levy has explained that we should praise our group members immediately.


     We should specify the right thing that they have done shake hand in order to show that you support their success and lastly.


     Encourage them to do more such work after that Mr. Levy told him to meet Ms. Brown and meeting Mr. Levy that man went to meet Ms. Brown.


Who was going to tell him the last secret?

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Effective Manager


     One minute manager Ms. Brown age was around 50 and she was one of the most experienced employees in the company Ms. Brown said that one minute manager meet her whenever she does some mistake so that he can make her realized that mistake.

     Which should not be repeated again every the company invest lots of their time and money in order to make their employee skillful that’s why they expect that their employee should not make any mistake and if they have done any mistake, they should rectify it and don’t repeat that mistake again.

     Example after growing up also, if that small a child called water as ‘’MUM’’ only then in that case you correct him because from childhood, you are trying to make him speak right word thought one minute reprimand.

     Ms. Brown has explained that we should immediately specify the mistake to our senior employees you should express that you are always with them and lastly, you should remind them about their value in the company. 

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     So to conclude from this whole story, we can learn the actual game plan of one-minute manager which can be used to achieve greater results in less time to start any task with a one-minute goal.

     Which should be written on a sheet and can read within 1 minute if the goal is achieved then praise your employees for 1 minute and proceed ahead towards success if the goal has not been achieved then analyze your mistake.

     In order to rectify it and start it again this principle, I have explained you from the book ‘’THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER’’

     If you want to become effective and good leader, then you should definitely read this book you can buy it from amazon the link is given at the end of this blog.

     Now the question arises, How to Become an Effective Manager? below are the skills required to become an Effective Manager.

Effective Manager Skills:

1. The Manager should be Democratic.
2. The Manager should be Autocratic.
3. The Manager should be supportive of their employe.
4. It should have a Good Management Skills.
5. Have an ability to cope up with any Problem faced by the company as well as employers.
6. He should give value to the time, the most important factor.



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