Rework Book Summary of Jason Fried. The book wants to say you that "Don't try to go for solving a Big Problem, See in yourself what problem are you facing it may be of any Product or Service solve that and sell it to at least 10 People who are required."This is just a summary of the book for you in short. Let start...

Rework Book Summary - Jason Fried
REWORK Book Summary

     Starting a business can be intimidating. If you watch enough TV or YouTube on the topic of starting a business you’ll start to believe that you need to identify as an Entrepreneur be willing to risk everything and have a desire to be the next Elon Musk and build a Billion Dollar Company.

     But Jason Fried author of the book Rework and founder of the software company Basecamp says the hype around entrepreneurship and startups are all nonsense.

    Starting a business doesn’t need to be intimidated to start a business you don’t need to self-identify as an entrepreneur and you don’t need to have the desire to build a billion-dollar Empire in fact it’s awesome to just want a small side of it.

    A business that supplements your income a small but profitable and sustainable business is a great accomplishment and a path to building a profitable and  sustainable business is simpler than you think.

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     The book rework offers  a refreshing approach to business that author Jason Fried and his team at Basecamp has validated after nearly two decades of running their software.

     The business I wish I had read the book of rework when I started my business but now that I finally read the book I’ve developed a mantra that I will use to simplify the start of my next two business venture the mantra goes like this, 

"Solve your Problem with Less Time and Effort."

     Pick a fight this mantra might seem a little wacky but let me explain each part of it first to solve your problem.

     When  VIC firth was playing drums for the Boston Symphony Orchestra he got frustrated by the quality of the drumsticks, he was using.

     No two drumsticks Seemed to have the same weight or produced the same sound so he went into his basement and started making his own drum sticks.

     These sticks had the same weight the same density in the same pitch he called them the Perfect Pairs.

     Years later Firth now has a 62% share of the drumstick market.

     When Bill Bowerman was a track coach at the University of Oregon he was looking for a lighter higher quality running shoe for his athletes he couldn’t find any.

      So he went to a local workshop and started pouring rubber into waffle iron and created his own shoes years later Nike was born author Jason Fried and his team at basecamp have developed software for project manager.

     Each of their products was born out of a simple  question is this something we need and want to use before basecamp Jason Fried his co-founders had careers where they needed to manage several projects they couldn’t find a good application for doing so they built their own Fred says there was no need for focus groups market studies or middlemen.

     We had an itch so we scratched it if you make a product or service to solve one of your problems immediately.

     Know if you’re doing a good job or not Jason says if you build a business based on solving someone else’s problem you’re constantly stabbing in the dark when you solve your own problem the light comes on you.

     Find exactly what the right answer is solving  your own problem allows you to make decisions faster and more effectively.

     During the early stages of starting a business progresses each one of them is like a brick in your foundation now might think to solve your problem you need lots of resources but you need less than you think.

     When basecamp was building their first software application they did it on a shoestring budget and in far less time than had originally planned.

     They started office  space with another company they bought one server just enough server space to support the launch for a few months they didn’t hire customer support the owners answered every custom email heck they didn’t even have the ability to build a customers until  days after they launched their product.

     Since they build in monthly cycles they knew they would have 30 days to figure out the building software so they focused on more urgent problems there are so many things that aspiring business owners think.

     They need to start a business most of it fits in the category of "nice to have" or "should have" or "not must-have" or "sure it would be nice to have an MBA" or "be an expert in your industry".

     But what you have just made sure had to access to Google and a handful of trusted resources that you could you lean on to solve problems along the way it would be nice to quit your job to have enough time to work on your idea.

     But what if you started up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later or working on your idea when everyone else was watching  TV sure it would be nice to have outside investment or a healthy reserve of cash.

     But what have you did everything on the cheap for now you work from home you use your apartment as a temporary the warehouse you built an online store before billing a brick-and-mortar you built your own website with cheap software instead of hiring an expensive web developer and it would be nice.

     To have a fancy business plan but what if instead of building a business plan you use that time to solve your problem build a product and sell it to at least 10 people.

     The point is you need less than you think to get a business started in fact after this blog take out a piece of paper and write down everything you need to launch a successful business what resources you need what equipment what expertise then go down  the list look at each item and ask do  I really need this to get started “Do I really need this?

     Could I get started with less now as you’re solving your problem with less than you thought you to need to ask yourself once I solved my problem and build my solution how will I stand out in the marketplace the answer pick Dunkin Donuts a coffee shop in the United States positions itself as the anti-Starbucks.

    They go out of their way to say how on Starbucks are they pride themselves on not having fancy names for cup sizes like venti and grande they even had a website called where visitors could send e-cards with messages like friends,  don’t let friends drink, Starbucks howdy, the luxury car manufacture positions itself as the anti old luxury car company he goes out of its way to mock brands like Lexus and Mercedes.

     Jason Fried says being Anti fill-in-the-blank is a great way to differentiate yourself and attract followers people get stoked by conflict they take sides.

     However since in the last part it was recommended that you start building a product cheaply you might think it’s hard to one-up the competition so don’t instead one down them I recently went to a coffee shop in New York City that had four options;

1] Hot Coffee: 2.5

2] Cold Coffee: 3.5

3] Espresso: 3

4] Espresso Milk: 4

     Their minimalist approach was their way of being the anti-mainstream coffee shop they offered less but did it better their cold coffee was one of the best I’ve ever had and I’m definitely going back the strategy is to see what mainstream solutions have to offer 

     Then decide what few things you want to do really well and purposely ignore offering anything else I’ve tried to apply this strategy to this blog attempt to offer a better book summaries by offering less.

     I don’t do the whole book I take the time to distill a summary into a core message of three or four items and many of you have told me that you like it that way by offering less you force yourself to leave out features or options.

     That some people might like this can be difficult to do but doing so reveals your core values which give the character of your solution and  allows it to stand out even more in the marketplace in the end by finding one of your problems to solve.

     Solving it with less and then having the courage to pick a fight and one down in your competition you have a pretty damn good chance of starting a profitable and sustainable business.

     That you can be proud of that was the core message, I gathered from Rework by Jason Fried it’s filled with fun counterintuitive business knowledge I highly recommend it if you would like a one page PDF summary of insights that I gathered from this book click on the below link.


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