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     The IKIGAI book summary or review in one sentence at the conclusion. The IKIGAI is a process or you can say it is a step to live a long happy life explained by 2 Japanese people.

      It is a Self-help book by Hector Gracia and Albert Liebermann. The Book name, "IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life".

The Point explained in this blog on IKIGAI Book:

1. IKIGAI Meaning
2. IKIGAI Book Summary {Review} - With Example

     i. Do Something That You Love.
    ii. Find What World Needs.
   iii. That able to Pay you.
   iv.  Be Good at That.

3. IKIGAI Quotes
4. Book Conclusion
5. Important Links

IKIGAI Meaning:

     In Japanese, IKIGAI is written as 生き甲斐, combining 生き, which means life” with 甲斐, which means “to be worthwhile.”

     甲斐 can be broken down into the characters , which means “armor”, “number one” and “to be the first” (to head into battle, taking initiative as a leader), and which means “beautiful” or “elegant.”

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IKIGAI Book Summary:

     We often go about life searching for happiness and some sort of meaning or purpose. It is clear that everyone wants to be happy but not everyone is sure of where to go looking for it.
Happiness seems like that all elusive goal.

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IKIGAI Book Summary

     Some believe that getting rich will make them happy while others believe that leading a life of simplicity and abstaining from all comforts will make them happy.

     With so many schools of thought and so many paths to choose from, it could get really confusing as to the right path to follow.
This is where this blog comes in. It will make you aware of an old-age Japanese way to find true happiness.

     Yes indeed, there is a proven blueprint to find happiness and true bliss. This Japanese concept is called IKIGAI. So what is IKIGAI? Simply put it means the “Reason for Being”.

     Whoever is in search of true happiness must find their IKIGAI
However, for truly being happy one must follow four main components and without achieving one of them, you can never truly be happy.

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IKIGAI Book Review

The first component is to do something that we love 

We all have at least one thing that we love doing.

     Something that doesn’t feel like a chore and that we could do every day for the rest of our life if we had to. For someone, it might be dance or playing a musical instrument.

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     For others, it might be trading in stocks or skydiving. We are all different individuals and have different things that we love doing.

The second component of IKIGAI is a little more difficult to identify. It is to do something that the world needs.

     The world has an endless requirement of things needed. Each avenue has specific requirements and these requirements also change with the times.

     Doing something meaningful that the world requires, gives one a sense of fulfillment. The feeling of satisfaction that one's work means something and that it is making a difference in the life of others.

     In today’s very vertical structured companies, it might be very difficult to assess the work you do in the grand scheme of things.

     It might be difficult to understand the value you bring to the company and hence most people are not fulfilled at their workplace.

     Most company workers these days are dispensible and if you were to leave the company one fine day, it wouldn’t make a difference to the company and it would still carry on.

     This is why IKIGAI says that you need to find something to do, that clearly shows you a visible positive impact that you have on society.

The third component of IKIGAI is that whatever you choose to do, it should pay you well.

      Now I know some of you believe that money can’t buy happiness but there is also another saying that whoever said that just didn’t know where to go shopping.

     Whatever you do, many bring you a sense of fulfillment but at the end of the day, if it can’t pay the bills and put food on your table, it’s not sustainable and you’ll have to resort to a more conventional 9 to 5 job in the end.

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     Being paid well is very subjective, 60,000 dollars a year maybe good money for someone, but it might be able to pay the rent for somebody else.

     That is why you need to find something that pays you well depending on the type of lifestyle you lead and improve it over a period of time if you want to.

The fourth and final piece of the IKIGAI puzzle is to find something to do at which you are good at.

      Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to have an innate talent that you need to have an innate that you were born with.

It could be a skill that you’ve picked up or learned.

It is something that you love doing and don’t mind spending hours on end doing it.

     For example, let’s say that you want to become a professional photographer for portraits. Initially, you’ll have to learn about the different gear you would need.

     The body of the camera, the various lenses, etc. You’d have to invest that equipment. You’d have to learn about lighting and how it affects your pictures.

     Initially, the photos you take may not be as good. You’ll learn about various editing software and how that can enhance your images.

You’ll also have to learn about marketing and how to showcase your portfolio.

     It’s a steady journey that will take time, a lot of effort and some not so great images at first but you’ll eventually be successful.

     So as action points for your life and to implement IKIGAI, first, write down these four quadrants and fill-in the thing that you’re good at and love doing.

     A little bit of introspection may be required but once you have the skills jotted down, it will give you a clear picture as to where you are and what you need to do to get to the next level to be happy.

IKIGAI Quotes: 

  1. A reason for being, the thing that gets up you in the morning.
  2. Find your IKIGAI, if you want some peace in life. It may add more years.
  3. Live Life with a sense of purpose.
  4. The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

     We hope that the summary of the book was useful to you and more importantly, that you start implementing IKIGAI in your lives.

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IKIGAI Book Summary Conclusion:

     The book is all about making your life happy and be fulfilled with joy. By using 4 steps explained by the author. Here is the one-sentence which, I made for your help you to understand the book in a better way.

"The Work you Love which is Good for others and there is a need for such product/service help you to Pay Well  make your life Happy."

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