Today I will share the summary of the book, which is thousands of years old. This book principle and techniques are so powerful and useful than many people recommend this book and give the advice to learn from it.

Art of War Summary

In fact, some countries have kept this book in their military syllabus.

The book which I am talking about is the art of war, which was made to learn military
Which was made to learn military strategies?

     No, if you think that why I am sharing the information and summary of such book which is based on war and strategy so the answer for this is that this book principle isn’t only useful for wars and strategies but also very important for business and for our regular routine life.

     Believe it or not, but in business and in order to achieve the goals of our life, we have to fight small wars every day and have to face many obstacles and has to win it in order to become successful so today, I will Share 5 principals of this book which will help us to win and if we do the opposite of it, then defeat is fixed.
         When to fight and when to not in any fight winning is always better than losing, but the real winning is when fighting doesn’t happen.

     A few years before, I came to know the incident about my classmate, after hearing it I felt really bad.

     The Incident was, they were playing the cricket tournament and while playing suddenly fight happened between both the team both the team started hitting each other, and one boy from the opposite team hit bed on the head of my classmate.
     He immediately fainted, after which he was immediately taken to the hospital and was hospitalized but still after a few days he died.

Just because of that simple game, two lives got ruined.

One has become the criminal and the other one died.

     I have seen and noticed many times, for every small issue people starts fighting if somebody by mistake pushes someone, people start abusing, after reading any post on social media people start fighting on comments and after seeing so many situations, seems people are just ready to fight at any moment at any time.

     They don’t understand the maximum time fight isn’t beneficial for them; instead, it is problematic and useless.

     Whether the flight is between two people or an argument or the war is between the two countries.

     Because for all fights three most important things are used time, money, and energy. Sometimes can say life as well it can be used for other useful purposes, which can give better results and outcome.

     So do remember, that person is not intelligent or strong, who gets influence by their anger and coo of their pride starts fighting.

     Instead, the intelligent person is who wins without fighting and brings the best result and outcome and doesn’t fight unless a fight is not required or not the only option.

2.      If the Opponent has a Choleric temper then Irritate Him it cricket and other sports you must have seen, a team player usually try to irritate the other team player by passing comments, especially when the player is playing well.

     Because they know when a person gets influenced by his or her emotions then chances of doing mistakes also increases which will benefit the opposite team or the opposite team or the person in return.

     Hence the player who is calm and do not get influenced by their emotions and play under pressure is considered to be a good player any game.

     Influence of emotions is not just in games but also has a lot of impact in our lives, in our routine life.

     Remember the time when you are trying to explain someone with all the logical facts, but still after saying every fact and figures still the person is not ready to understand your point, why?

Because at the time the person was not accepting that fact emotionally

Because the fact is we humans are emotional creatures.

     We mostly take the decision and action on the basis of our emotions, so do remember, do not allow to miss-use your emotions and manipulate you wrongly, most of the advertising we see nowadays, they usually target our emotions.

     The media purposely show us negative stuff, because our negative emotions are more powerful similarly even politicians given the emotional speech they do not talk logical and with this people get influenced and vote for them.

     Hence before taking any decision and before taking any action do remember they you are taking that decision by thinking logically not emotionally.

     Because most of the time we take wrong the decision by getting influenced by our emotions and this influence takes us away from our goal or at minimum do not give the best outcome.

     Fighting every day with our emotions is a turf war, but only that person will win learn to handle their emotions property and the person will surely lose, who gets influenced by their emotions or whose emotions control them.

3.      If you know your enemy and yourself properly then you won’t lose two most important reasons out of many because of which most of the people fail in their life are

a.      Because they don’t know themselves and the other one
b.      B. they don’t know their enemy.

By taking the example of an interview

Most of the people before going for the interview do not put any effort to know about the company what exactly the company does, what are their goals and motive, what all company wants to achieve in the present and future!

And how they can help the company in achieving their future goals and not knowing all these facts is not at all impressive.

Forget about the company most of the people do know about themselves properly.
The most commonly asked question in an interview is tell me something about you say about your strong points weak points about your strength and weaknesses questions are asked related to them.

But sadly many couldn’t answer these simple questions properly.

They do not have the capability of talking about themselves for just 5 min.

They don’t know about their strength and weakness, they don’t know what all things they are good and bed and the worst part is, they never take the initiative to know themselves properly, they don’t find it important and then think why we aren’t getting success.

How you will get success? If you are a just a confused person who doesn’t know about yourself and about others if you have watched the dangle movie, there are many good examples given related to this point.

By using this principle Gaeta defeats the opponent.

So at first understand and know about yourself properly know your strength and weakness and second thing before dealing with someone trying to know them and get information about them as much as possible, this thing will help you to become successful in life.

4.      All warfare is based on deception.

In today’s life, everyone wants to get your attention.

     Whether it comes to your friends or huge multi-dollar companies, who spent a lot of cores in advertisement just to get your attention for a few minutes or of a few seconds, why?
Because your attention is really very important for them, your attention will help them to earn, will be beneficial for them.

But the problem is, most of the time there betterment is not beneficial for us.

     This time when I start making a video, which was my goal, then many things distracted me, like many political parties rally and firecrackers which were going outside these entire things were done to grab the attention of me and of others.

     So that we give them to vote and make them win and mobile notifications and many more things distracted me most of the time.

     But thankfully nothing bad happened coz of this entire disturbance but my speed of work decreased and coz of all those distraction upload of my new video was done late.

     Seriously avoiding such deception and disturbance becomes difficult.

And many times it doesn’t allow people to complete their and achieve their goals.

I am sure many times this thing happens to you

     Like many things tries to grab your attention and distract you from your goals and to influence them just for their benefit and when you get distracted towards them for a long time then sadly you lose that fight.

     So do remember that your focus and attention should be on the thing which will help you to move closer to your goals not to give attention to those deceptions which move your goal away from you just for their benefit.
        Who prepared himself beforehand waits to take the enemy unprepared this point reminds me of the story of an ant and grasshopper, which we must all have read during our childhood.
The story was like;

One day a grasshopper was having fun while eating and singing.

Then grasshopper sees that ants by forming a line was taking a lot of food with them.

Then grasshopper ask them where are you’ll going taking this much food, then ant replied that we are collecting and saving this food for winter.

During snowfall, we couldn’t find food so saving and collecting food now would be better and even you should do this.

Listening to them grasshopper laughed at them, and said you continue, there is a lot of time will do it later.

I have no need now, and he goes from there.

Again after sometime before starting winter, grasshopper sees ants taking food along with them.

Again ant asks grasshopper to collect and save food because winter is coming.

Grasshopper doesn’t listen to them and says you worry about yourself and I will collect my food you don’t need to worry about me.

     And when finally winter arises, and without worry enjoys the food at their home and on the other side after a lot of efforts grasshopper couldn’t able to search the food and gets nothing.

After which he cries and regrets, that I should have listened to ants, but the realization was too late.

Most of the people now days are like a grasshopper; they do everything at the last moment and are not well prepared before.

They don’t save money for bad times, they do not keep themselves healthy and regret later, nor they become successful nor they feel happy and they don’t even enjoy their life.

So do remember if you want to become a winner always be well prepared prepare yourself in advance this thing will make you happy and will make you better than others.

I have shared this knowledge from the book art of war, which talks about strategies and many other useful points.

This book shares war strategies and many useful points and if we follow this book we can become successful in many aspects of our life especially in business.

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ART OF WAR Quotes:

1. It is the rule in war if ten times the enemy's strength SURROUND THEM if five times ATTACK THEM if double, be able to  DIVIDE THEM if equal ENGAGE THEM if fewer be able to EVADE THEM if weaker be able to AVOID THEM

2. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

3. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

4. Do not engage an enemy more POWERFUL than you and if it is unavoidable and you do have to ENGAGE then make sure you engage it on your terms, not on your enemy's term.

5. Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.

6. STRATEGY without TACTICS is the slowest route to victory. TACTICS without STRATEGY is the noise before defeat.

7. There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.

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