13 Principles of Think and Grow Rich

     Principles of  Think and Grow Rich wants to explain to you “Think Smart and Grow Rich” by using his 13 principles which are mentioned below;

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Principles of Think and Grow Rich

     Think and Grow Rich is a Timeless classic and reaching financial freedom book, the author Napolean Hill. It is also known as Napolean Hill 13 Principles of Think and Grow Rich.

     Actually spent 20 years analyzing over a thousand wealthy men to figure out how they got rich and then wrote a book with 13 Principles that anybody could follow to get to the same place a list of 13 Principles here and then I’ll go through the most important ones.

     So, What are The 13 Principles of Think and Grow Rich;

        1.      Desire

    2.      Faith

    3.      Auto- Suggestions

    4.      Specialized Knowledge

    5.      Imagination

    6.      Organized Planning

    7.      Decision

    8.      Persistence

    9.      Power of the Master Mind

   10.   Mastery of Sex Transmutation

   11.   Subconscious Mind

   12.    The Brain 

   13.   The Sixth Sense

    Now, I am going to introduce the 13 Principles with the help of  good examples:

     Let Start;

     The First Principle is the Desire and it’s exactly what it sounds like you have to have a burning desire and give yourself no way out.

     But to win HenryFord is used in the story as someone that converted desire into action and then rose to the top wishing will not bring riches but desiring riches with a state of mind.

    That becomes an obsession and then planning definite ways to acquire riches and backing those plans with persistence will bring riches that single quote summarizes the entire book for me.

     Limitations are those we set up in our minds, those we set up in our minds faith is the next principle and it says.

     The second Principle is Faith, it says if you believe in something in your mind it will become a physical reality so if you believe you fail you will and if you believe you will succeed. Now will Principle number Third Auto-Suggestion.

     Auto-Suggestion says to think about the person you want to become and visualize it as if you are already there the author gives you their s to basically convince your subconscious mind of things.

     That is not actually, reality yet but believe that they are there’s a great quote here says “if you think you’ll lose, you’re lost for out of the world we find success begins with a fellow’s will it’s all in the state of mind.”

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     There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge both poverty and riches are the offspring of thoughts “he tells you to come up with a number of amount of money that you want and a date when you want it and write it somewhere where you could see”.

It seems like a strange the idea first but it’s been proven time and again this tactic works it’s all about visualizing even recently the book secret talked about this exact idea.

    Fifth Principles of Think and Grow Rich is a special knowledge the of success is the way of the pursuit of knowledge come up  with a plan try it out and if it fails to replace it with a better plan.

     Thomas Edison fell ten thousand times before inventing the light bulb so keep at it a “Quitter Never Wins and a Winner Never Quits”.

     Imagination and organized plannings are Principle five and six and in those Principle, you want to imagine where you want to and write down that plan and follow it to get. 

     The plan can be “I want to get Rich“, these Principles have to be more practical if you acquire special knowledge in Principle five.

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     In the fifth Principles of Think and Grow Rich you should be able to implement them in Principle six and seven;

For Example;

      If you want to become rich my Principle five and six could be imagining an app idea that everyone could use and then come up with an organized plan of creating that app releasing it and finding an audience for it.

     The chapters on the decision are one of my favorites rich men can make decisions quickly and rarely change their mind based on other people’s opinions.

     They also do a lot more listening than talking Principle 9 is Persistence and I think this is where most people fall short lack of Persistence is a major cause for failure so keep at it and you will find success.

     Principle 10 is the power of the Mastermind that is a group of people that you put together that can help you go over your ideas and you can help each other achieve success.

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     Most wealthy men in history had a group just like that and they openly shared ideas and took advantage of each other’s knowledge.

      Principle 11 is called the mastery of sex transmutation says sexual desire is one of the strongest desire person could have and you could use that sexual desire to focus on other things besides the physical act of sex.

     As an example it says, men usually don’t achieve much before the age of 40 because they’re wasting their time and their sexual energy on overindulgence in sex.

     So how do you transmute sex energy in the book it says it’s often accidental and comes with age and it’s not suggesting to abstain from sex suggesting to overindulgence so that the way you could transmute that power into a different channel.

     Principle 12 and 13 Principles of Think and Grow Rich is the subconscious mind and the brain it’s all about filling your subconscious mind with positive emotions over negative ones.

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     These are desires which love, faith, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope over emotions like fear, hatred, and anger so the idea is to make sure positive emotions always with your subconscious mind. 

     The brain over negatives ones I’ll leave you with a quote from the last page of the book; 

“Life is a Checkerboard and your opponent is time. If you hesitate before moving, your pieces will be wiped off the board by time.”

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