Job vs Business - Difference between Job and Business

Job vs Business

     Once we complete our degree we get confused we should do a job or business. In today's blog, we are going to see what should we do Job vs Business.
     We are in search of a job and after 2 or 3 years after getting your job at least once we think about starting our own business. Let’s look at the difference between job and business.

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Job vs Business

If you are working in a company then you are guaranteed to get your monthly payment no matter, how much work you do?
  1.      Your working time is fixed.
  2.      You are instructed about the work you have to do.

On the other hand, if you talk about business;

  1.      You don’t know how much money you’ll earn monthly.
  2.      You have to take care of your business and its growth.
  3.      You have to decide what, where, and for how much time you should work

     Let’s take a look an example  to understand the difference between job and business.

     In this example, 
          We are going to take the life journey of  B.A. Pass and B.A. Fail student.

     Rahul after completing his B.E. starts working in a big multinational company, where he gets a big salary. Everyone gets happy in his family by seeing his achievements. He started to feel proud after getting the job.

     Now about Rahul’s neighbour, Rohan fails in B.A., so his family members get upset. 

     Now Rohan doesn’t have any interest in the study, he wants to start a business and he is getting many suggestions for that but he needed Rs.2 Lakh to start a business.

     He borrows money from his mother and uncle and starts the business of selling milk.

     Because of the big salary, Rahul buys a bike on his Credit Card and Rohan starts selling milk on his old bike 6 months later Rahul repaid 20% of the bike loan he still wants to 80% of the bike loan.

     On the other hand, Rohan had returned Rs 1 lakh to his uncle, he still has to pay Rs 1 lakh.

     One year later Rahul is thinking about getting high salary but because of recession none of the employees gets a good hike at the same time price of 1-liter milk increases to Rs 14/- due to which Rohan’s profit increases by 30%due to which he is able to return Rs 1 lakh to his uncle.

     Rahul repays his bike loan and buys furniture, TV, and Laptop on Rs 2 lakh loan.

     Where Rohan buys 12 more cows from his profit and doubles his income.

     After 2 years, Rahul gets a 10% hike and buys a car on loan, on the other hand, Rohan buys 2 acres of land for his cows. Till this time milk price increases by 30% and his income become 200% greater than Rahul.

     Rohan buys a vehicle to sell milk, 2 more years later Ra buys a home at Rs 40 lakh  same time Rohan has 126 cows and 2 homes. Rahul gets a 10% hike and milk price increase to Rs 40 because of which Rohan’s income becomes 500% more than Rahul.

     Now after 5 years, Rahul is disturbed because Rohan is the owner of 4 crores and has a monthly income of Rs 5 lakh and he has 25 workers, at the same time Rahul's annual income is Rs 7 lakh and Rs 40 lakh loan.

     In 2008 milk price was Rs 10 and now its Rs 40 same way gold price was Rs 12,500 but now its Rs 41,000. In this period, employee's average salary increases by 30% but commodities price increases by 300%.

     I think this example can clear your doubt on what is the difference between job and business. If you still have doubts you can refer below with some key points on Job vs Business.

Top 10 Difference Between Job and Business:

1. The difference between job and business is, One gives you the Freedom and the other gives you bondage.

2. Our time is limited, so don't waste it in living someone else life.

3. If you do not build your own dream someone will hire you to build their dream.

4. If you want to achieve greatness in your life stop asking for permission to grab the opportunity.

5. In Job, you can't decide your job earnings and rewards but in business, you can decide your unlimited earnings and rewards.

6. You have no control in office work but in business, you have all control over your office.

7. While doing a job your growth depends on your boss & it is slow whereas in business your growth depends on you and it is faster.

8. Business is full of opportunities to learn and improve and job workers have very little chance to learn and improve.

9. In a job, you don't have any risk but in business, you have to face a lot of risks and troubles.

10. You can't set your working time and holidays but in business, it's totally up to you.

Difference Between Job and Business Quotes:

Business is run by your Gratitude but the Job is by your Boss.

In Business, you are the boss but in Job, you work under the Boss.


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