How to Win Friends and Influence People Summary - Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence People Summary

     The book, How to Win Friends and Influence People is written by Dale Carnegie. The book is a self-help book i.e how to make people like you. Below are the 5 core points of the book on How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People  -  Dale Carnegie

1. Calling your Friends with their Names

     One of the major points in this book are to remember people’s name which I practiced so well by calling people by their names, when you call people by their names they simply see you as their friends and love you for it.

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     If tomorrow you asked for their heads they joyfully give you, but seriously people can die for you, if they like you and one of the best ways to make people like you is by calling them by their names. That’s the first major lesson in this book call people by their names.

2. Make an Eye Contact When You Speak With People

     Over a decade ago, I was addressing a group of young people and trying to influence them to do something then among them was a man who knew me a little better than others for him to demonstrate that he truly knew me, he announced to other young people around him that I was not just good at public speaking but a magician who was using black power to speak and convince people don’t mind the young guy here is it if you want to make a crowd of people listened to you use eye contact.

3. Your Handshake Be Firm

     Point here are people perceive you as weak if your handshake is weak when next you want to shake hands make it firm as this is the third major point in this book.

Hold your hand tightly while shaking and also with eye contact with him/her.

4. Don't Argue with Anyone

     When last did you see a group of young people arguing about football and political arguments waste more time than any other thing except the TV, by the way, do you know that TV sets make more people poor than any invention in human history that by the way is for another day back  to the point in this book.
     You can’t win an argument the reason is very simple when people make up your minds about something they are blind to the other side of the coin.

     Do you think Ronaldo is better than Messi maybe you shouldn’t argue with a fan of Messi?

     Do you think Donald Trump is racist may be, you shouldn’t argue with a racist like him the best you get from the argument is bitterness and hatred now.

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     You remember the last time you hated someone after a hot argument right don’t, do it again.

     Disgust Don’t argue before I share the

5. Use Overdose of Appreciation for Everyone Around You & You Can Influence Them 

     Over the years made it my habit to appreciate my team and employees even for small the excellent performance or behavior thanks to the old Kenny G you see we all love to be appreciated and in return, we are willing to do more of what we receive appreciation for you want your kids to do more of something maybe you should appreciate them for doing a little of it you want your wife to do more of something.

     I suggest you appreciate her for doing even little of it you need to bribe your employer or team to do something why waste money when you can use appreciation don’t mind silly me but you  get the point don’t you no one loves to be criticized so if you need to criticize anyone maybe you should make it private or appreciation his good deeds before you point your dirty fingers at him.

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Dale Carnegie Quote;

It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy.

It is what you think about it.

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