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Kaizen is a  mixture of two Japanese words 'kai' and 'zen'. Basically, Kai means change and zen means better that means the concept of Kaizen is "Change for Better."

What is Kaizen?  &  Principles of Kaizen   - Business Insane
What is Kaizen

There are four ways to follow Kaizen:

1. Ask small questions

2. Think small thoughts

3. Think small actions

4. Solve small problems

     After the Second World War Japan country felt that they do a lot of changes i.e. good changes,  they want rapid development in the country then they have implemented the technique Kaizen.

Kaizen principle says that small things make a great difference. 

     Firstly this technique was implemented in Toyota Motor Car manufacturing company after that world started implementing this technique.

It is useful irrespective of age, gender, work it may be a job or 
business, etc.

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Kaizen technique is based on its four pillars:

What is Kaizen?  &  Principles of Kaizen   - Business Insane
Principles of Kaizen

      The first principle of this technique is "Plan":

 One should plan properly about its respective job, business, etc. Proper planning is a must for it. Without a complete and proper plan, it is impossible to achieve your goal.

     The second major principle of Kaizen is "Do":

     A plan is nothing but a wish of completing something. So do take action on your planning. The planning should be taken to the action. Kaizen principle says that don't take action immediately or fastly. It says go step by step and slowly take action and at the proper time go rapidly in this way you will get a good result.

It is similar to driving a car.  First, you put it in first gear than second then third and when you find that the road is empty you take the car in fourth gear and it goes very smoothly.

In the same way, take the action plan slowly and when the time comes gear up and puts your action in a rapid way.

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     The third principle is "Check":

    Now that you have planned and taken action your job is done then here comes the important thing i.e. checking. Check your work after completing it.  So that you don't have to regret it.

     The fourth principle is "Rechecking":

     Once you have reviewed it you have to recheck it again and again. Become an auto critic of your work.  You have to criticize your work and change what you want. You have to put a question on everything and answer should be given by yourself.

There is no big problem, it's just a combination of a lot of little problems.

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