Value Creation for Customers in Business Using Marketing Tactics

Value Creation

     As per the Warren Buffet quote, Value Creation in Business for your Customer is a very important factor to make your successful Business. 

Value Creation Definition:

     Value Creation may be a Primary Aim of each business. There are only a few things in business that make money and that depends on, what type of value you provide to the customer.

Here is the equation for creating value,

Value = = = = Money
Value is directly proportional to Money.

     As the equation says that the higher value you provide to your customer the more you will earn not only money but also respect, name, and popularity in the market.

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Value Creation

What creates value? It's an example of Value Creation;

  • The most value is created in business when a problem or pain is solved -  especially if there's URGENCY involved.
  • Products and services that take away problems and pain create a lot of value.
  • The marketing and selling of products and services is a Very high-value activity in business, as this is what generates Customers.
  • Search in the market, What is the urgency of your product/service in the market?

How can you Create Value for Customers using our Marketing Tactics?

  • Making relationships with customer i.e Sending E-mail, SMS, and greeting cards on birthday, etc.
  • Judge your customers how they are getting benefits through your product. 
  • Ask a question to your self, What is the performance level of your product?
  • Is your product creating value for money in the market?
E.g Apple product cost is very high, but the performance level is good.

You can read our Marketing steps blog, to get a clear vision for Value Creation in Your Marketing. Link: Marketing Laws for Every Business.
  • Try to give service to your customer after buying your product.
According to the law of marketing, your product/service matters a lot.
  • Use the attributes in your business, which can make trust between you and your customer.
E.g Pizza gives the attributes of Delivering Pizza in the minute.

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Value Creation For Customers:

1. Always consider your customer's perspective.

     The art of creating added value starts with the ability to see your business through the eyes of your customers.
Consider what's important to your target market and how your product or service will benefit them.
What problem does it solve?

2. Consistently work to improve customer satisfaction.

     Lack of customer satisfaction is a sure-fire way to keep people from coming back. Soliciting honest feedback through surveys regularly allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer's needs in their journey with your business and is also an opportunity to monitor your brand's identity in the marketplace.\

 3. Implement marketing models into your strategy.

      For small and medium businesses, the four C model, brand essence wheel, and  SWOT analysis tool will help you develop your brand's value statement, define your unique selling point and even forecast customer demands based on market trends.

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4. Develop a memorable customer experience.

     When getting started, you'll need to consider all touchpoints of your business, from initial lead capture to post-purchase communication, and how to properly maximize the added value for the customer throughout the process.

5. Never underestimate the value of free resources.

     Free resources are a great way to create added value and showcase your brand's ability to offer a little something extra to customers. free resources can also serve as useful tools to help grow small business's brand awareness and expose your target market to various products and services.


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