SCAMPER - Learn How to use the SCAMPER Activities in Business.


    SCAMPER meaning it is an Activity helps us to improve the products and services of our business. These activities are performed for the purpose of brainstorming and to create some creative ideas. 

     Each letter of the SCAMPER has a different meaning as follows given below:

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1. S - Substitute
2. C - Combine
3. A - Adapt
4. M - Modify
5. P - Put to another Use
6. E - Eliminate
7. R - Reverse

     It is very difficult to come up with new ideas of your business when you're trying to develop or improve a product or service.

     It is also called a creative way of brainstorming. The SCAMPER Activities help us to generate new ideas and how could you improve the existing one.

     Here we phrase the different - different questions for each of the letters of the SCAMPER through which you can perform the SCAMPER Activities to create unique and great ideas, which can help you to increase your thinking ability in a number of ways.

SCAMPER Activity for Business:

     Explained using each letter of SCAMPER with examples question. Let's start......


S - Substitute of SCAMPER
S - Substitute of SCAMPER

  • Look at your current products or services and ask yourself. Could you substitute any parts for more affordable or effective alternatives?
  • State the rules of your business and try to find to more from it i.e What rules can you substitute that will beneficial to the customer in many ways.
  • What materials or strategy you need to improve?
  • What will happen if you change the feeling and attitude toward the product or service?
  • What is the other product or services you can use in your business?


C- Combine of SCAMPER
C - Combine of SCAMPER

  • Have you tried creating something new by mixing two existing parts of your business?
  • What is the purpose of combining?
  • How could you combine to create a new approach in the market?
  • How your combined product is beneficial in the market?

3. A - ADAPT

A - Adapt of SCAMPER
A - Adapt of SCAMPER
  • How could you adapt your product in the market for another use?
  • How could you transform your product to fill a gap in the market?
  • How can you cover more market areas from your product or services by adding some values?
  •  What are the other ideas that could create something like inspiration?


M - Modify of SCAMPER
M - Modify of SCAMPER
  • Try to change the look, feel, shape, and emotion of your product.
  • How you can modify your product?
  • What element of your product you need to strengthen that will create something of value in the market.
  • Modification of the product is done on the basis of the trend.


P - Put to Another Use of SCAMPER
P - Put to Another Use of SCAMPER
  • Could your product be useful elsewhere in the market?
  • How could you adapt to reach the wider target audience?
  • How can you increase the number of users of your product?
  • How could your product work differently from the competitors?


E - Eliminate of SCAMPER
E - Eliminate of SCAMPER
  • Is your product is as streamlined as possible? How could you simply if?
  • How you can make your product/service as much as an easy, faster, and more interesting one?
  • List the features, parts, and rules that must be eliminated to boost your business.
  • Who is your competitor if you get eliminated who will take your place. Try to make a monopoly in your business.


R - Reverse of  SCAMPER
R - Reverse of  SCAMPER
  • What will happen if you did the exact opposite of what you are doing now?
  • Would you get a different result if you adjust the sequence of the rules of your business?
  • How could you reorganize your product/services?
  • State the rules and try to find which rules of your business after reversing can make a great change in the market.


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